Fully-managed vending machines for healthcare

At Livewell, we are leaders in providing fully-managed vending and coffee machines for hospitals and healthcare organisations.

For too long, the food and drink products on general sale with hospitals have not been in keeping with the overarching aims of the sector — to help people get well and stay well. Vending is often singled out, although the provision at coffee shops and retail stores is often no different.

Through a school’s heritage, Livewell has been used to working in an environment with high food standards. We take a nutritionally-driven approach to providing a balanced range within healthcare settings.

NHS England has a Commissioning for Quality and Innovation framework (CQUIN) which includes a set of guidelines for food and drink. Livewell have worked with NHS Trust’s and procurement to ensure we have a range that is CQUIN approved. There are currently two key targets of note;

At least 80% of drinks lines stocked must be sugar-free (less than 5 grams of sugar per 100ml).

Confectionery and packet sweet snacks are in the smallest standard single-serve portion size available within the market and not to exceed 250kcal.

hpspital caterers association logo

Hospital Caterers’ Association

Livewell are also part of the Hospital Caterers’ Association. Through this, we are following closely the implementation of the ‘Independent review of NHS hospital food’ published in October 2020.

This includes a recommendation that hospital food standards are enshrined in law, like school food standards. This will ensure access to healthier options for staff and visitors and instill greater confidence in the public that the NHS will deliver appropriate levels of nutrition and hydration in line with the latest scientific diet and nutrition advice.

It also included clear objectives for the 24/7 provision of food and drink for staff.

cold drinks machine with healthier drinks range

Healthier vending services

We are perfectly placed now to provide balanced, healthier vending services that are future proof — in keeping with the overriding wellness objectives of our country’s wonderful healthcare sector.

Look no further than Livewell for your experienced, leading partner in fully-managed vending and coffee machines for hospitals and healthcare organisations.

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