Pure H2O as you like it

These water dispensers are packed with smart technology, to deliver a safe, contactless dispense, with incredible ease-of-use. The H2O Refill Station allows users to fill reusable bottles on the go with refreshing filtered water, eliminating the need for single-use plastic bottles.

We supply the finest drinking water dispensers, providing pure filtered water that is easily accessible and beautiful to drink. There are two different dispensers, and both can be configured to offer the types of water you need – choose from Chilled, Ambient, Sparkling or Hot, and of course a combination. 

When choosing a water dispenser for your workplace you’ll want to select one that looks good, can do the job well,  and will last for many years.

Now more than ever, you need to look for a solution with ultra-high hygiene standards to ensure the safety of all users. Providing these high quality dispensers helps every individual stay hydrated, benefiting both their wellbeing and helping them to perform at their best. 

To enhance the water dispense service further, we offer two accessories that are ideal for hygiene and convenience – a footswitch to remove the need for any touching of buttons, and also an App to allow control of the dispense directly from your Smartphone.

Hydration Station for School

The B3 Dispenser

First choice for education and healthcare

Built at an ideal height for both adults and children, the B3 also features a hygienic touch-sensitive control panel, the biggest dispense area in its class for bottles and a tamper-proof rear cover guard for safety.

  • Ultra-hygienic touch sensitive control panel
  • High-capacity dispense area for bottles and jugs
  • Integrated cup dispenser
  • Sealed, hygienic, direct-chill cooling system
  • Chilled & Ambient selection and optional extra for Hot
  • Available in Silver or Black finish
Hydration Station for all occasions

The B4 Dispenser

The tallest dispense height of any cooler in its class

Hygienic and ergonomic, B4 flourishes in all environments – from boardroom to sports hall. Its compact size, large dispense area for bottles, multiple water options and flexible configuration make a versatile model. The B4 can be installed on an existing counter top, or supplied with an integrated base unit.

  • Stylish and Compact unit for counter top locations
  • Can be configured for up to choices – Chilled, Ambient, Sparkling & Hot
  • Ultra-hygienic touch-sensitive control panel
  • High capacity dispense area for bottles and jugs
  • Floorstanding option comes with base unit that includes an alarmed waste kit
  • Available in Silver or Black finish
H2O Refill Station

The H2O Refill Station

The Ultimate Water Bottle Refill System

Consumers will increasingly carry water bottles with them and will look for safe places to get a refill. With a dual filtration system & UV Filter, the H2O Refill Station has been designed with just this purpose in mind. As well as offering the highest quality of filtered water, this hydration station can also dispense delicious flavoured water such as ‘sunset orange’ and ‘peach tea’. The unit includes touch free selection and dispense technology making it very covid safe to use in public locations. And with a flash chiller to instantly cool water as it is dispensed it is also very energy-efficient.

  • Triple-Filtered, Pure Water and premium Juice Concentrates
  • No-Touch, Hover Select Buttons
  • Dual Filtration System & UV Filter
  • Eco-Friendly Bottle Fill – No Single-Use Plastics!
  • Optional Cashless Payments module or Free Vend
  • Media Screen (for Video Adverts)
  • Designed and built in Britain

H2O Bottle Refill Station

Hydration Station installation

Maintenance Plans

These water dispensers are robust, easy to clean and are installed ready for use by trained technicians. We offer scheduled maintenance and filter changes to ensure proper sanitisation of your equipment, such that it continues to deliver the highest quality hydration, safely.


Hydration Station App

Smartphone App

Control your water dispenser from your smartphone

Enjoy pure refreshment with our new touchless water dispensing mobile app.

Enjoy pure refreshment with this touchless water dispensing mobile app. Now available for download and compatible with all app-enabled B3 and B4 water dispensers. This is an optional accessory which can be fitted before installation or retrofitted by a qualified technician.

Touch-Free Water Dispense App


Hands-free water dispenser foot switch

Reduce the risk of contamination when using a water dispenser, and keep people safe. The hands-free dispenser foot switch is compatible with the B3 and B4 model. It’s available with two or three pedal options depending on the number of water variants available on the machine. This is an optional accessory which can be set up on installation or retrofitted by an engineer or qualified technician.

Water Dispenser Touch-Free Foot Switch

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