COVID-19 safe vending machines to help you implement the correct safety measures

As self-serve solutions, automated retail equipment can provide a relatively safe way to purchase refreshments. However, this must be set up in the right way, and Livewell have in place a package of extra measures we call VendSafe®. Our stations are low touch, low contact and low stress… safe vending at its best.

  • Self Serve

    Self-service automated units with no person-to-person contact

  • Hygienic Product Storage

    All food and drink displayed in a no-touch, hygienic environment behind a glass barrier

  • Contactless payment systems

    Contactless payment system to avoid handling coins

  • Hand sanitisers

    Fitted with hand sanitiser dispensers encouraging hand hygiene before and after use.

  • PPE for sale

    Livewell’s snack vending equipment can be adapted to dispanse a range of PPE items, including Facemasks, Antibacterial Spray, and Gloves.

  • Floor signage

    Floor stickers available to encourage social distancing

Antimicrobial film

Film incorporates a highly effective antimicrobial agent which inhibits the growth of bacteria on touch-screen surfaces

Touch free selection

Some of our equipment now comes with technology that allows touch free selection and delivery of selections. This video illustrates the Distance Selection technology available on our full range of automatic coffee machines.

Smartphone selection

Integration with smartphones is an emerging feature, allowing menu selections using your own phone without the need to touch equipment. This video shows water cooler dispense being controlled by smartphone. This is available on our full range of water coolers

Safe working practices

Our warehouse, vans and equipment are routinely and rigorously sanitised. Site visits are minimised using our telemetry system monitoring live stock levels. Operators wear disposable gloves/facemasks, and follow strict hygiene procedures. Every station is thoroughly cleaned whenever restocked

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