Grab-and-Go Micro markets are unattended retail environments where consumers can purchase products from open shelves, coolers, or freezers. Consumers use a self-checkout kiosk to purchase their products, making payments via their smartphone.

They are ideal for a closed office environment and can be used to offer a 24/7 refreshment provision to complement your catering services or, in many cases, replace it completely. Indeed, with organisations creating more flexible working arrangements, this modern automated solution is of its time.

 Livewell’s Micro Markets deliver a combination of refreshment, convenience and cafe styling. We customize the graphics to achieve the look you want, provide the shelving, place coolers, or microwaves as needed and then stock your Micro-Market with hundreds of the most popular snacks, fresh foods, and beverages.

A range of configurations are available, and these can all be tailored with product ranges to suit the customer demand and are built to fit the physical space available.

Pico Cooler & Market

Essentally the Pico Cooler is a large fridge with an electronic lock that requires a contactless payment card or device to access. It can be stocked with a broad range of refreshment products from sandwiches to fruit to meals. Once a payment option is presented, the door can be opened and items selected on a self checkout basis.

This can be paired for instance with a microwave, allowing a workforce 24/7 access to hot food meal options without the staffing requirements of a catering service.

The Pico Market adds to the Cooler with shelving for ambient products, offering a wider range of products available to select and purchase using the same self checkout system.

  • Contemporary automated convenience solution
  • Delivers cost savings to organisations for staff provision
  • Controlled cooler access to reduce theft
  • Self checkout system in line with modern retail experience
  • Available with Fridge only option or addition of microwave and/or shelving

Small Market

  • Suitable for 200-300 staff
  • Self-checkout kiosk
  • Shelving for ambient products
  • Fridge for chilled food and drink
  • Microwave for heating products
  • Built-in bin unit for waste
  • Option for Coffee machine
medium micro market

Medium Market

  • Suitable for 300-500 staff
  • Self-checkout kiosk with impulse snack display
  • Wider shelving for ambient products
  • Larger fridge for chilled food and drink
  • Option for Microwave
  • Built-in bin unit for waste
  • Coffee machine with cup and lid dispenser

Large Market

  • Suitable for 500+ staff
  • Self-checkout kiosk with impulse snack display
  • Double shelving for ambient products
  • Two fridges, one for food and one for drinks
  • Option for Microwave
  • Built-in bin unit for waste
  • Coffee machine with cup and lid dispenser

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