Livewell’s systems, products and services have been developed with SMART vending machine technology at the core. This is a company wide mindset and we see it as essential for success. As well as resulting in major operational efficiencies, our customers see the benefits in the quality of products and services delivered, and the end consumer has a much enhanced buying experience.


The transformational power of real-time data

Uniquely, all of Livewell’s operated vending stations are linked to the cloud to give us real-time access to sales, stock and performance. At the core of our fully managed vending service this live data delivers a host of benefits;

Telemetry Features and Benefits

Improved product availability

Machines are restocked efficiently and on demand to ensure product availability

Dynamic routing

Refills are quick and easy as the operator knows exactly what stock to take.

Machine Error Detection

Alerts are received for technical faults allowing us to schedule a call-out and minimise downtime.

Maximised sales

The quality of data allows us to tailor product ranges by site to meet consumer needs and maximise sales

Customer visibility

Customers have log-in access to the data allowing sites to monitor performance and independently audit sales.

Cashless Payments

The days of spinning coins are over

An early adopter of cashless payment methods, the majority of vending and coffee sales at Livewell are contactless be it debit/credit card or ApplePay etc. We install these as standard on fully managed equipment and can also supply to clients to use on self operated vending and coffee machines.

Touch Free

New technology in response to Covid

Customers are now much more focussed on hygiene and by using equipment and accessories with the latest low and no touch features, Livewell will help you stay safe and well.

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