From technological extras, including payment systems and telemetry, through to equipment branding, sanitisation systems and recycling units, Livewell have a fantastic range of accessories to enhance your unattended refreshment solutions.

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Payment Systems

Purchase transactions that are easy, reliable and safe.

Whether your solution needs to accept payments by coins, notes and/or contactless payments, we can supply the hardware you need to integrate seamlessly with your equipment.


The UK have been pioneers of contactless payments and it is now an option expected by consumers, especially since Covid. We can supply a range of devices with the most popular being the Onyx from market leaders Nayax. This sleek contactless card reader is easy to fit and gives consumers a simple way to pay using a vast range of cashless payment options

Key Features

  • Easy navigation with color touchscreen, imagery, & text
  • Wide range of contactless payment types accepted
  • Voice interaction, in local language, for easy understanding
  • Compact, eye-catching design

Onyx Cashless Payment System


Where payment by coin is required, it needs to be secure and reliable. We therefore recommend and supply the the Gryphon Coin Changer which has the most technologically advanced  coin sensing technology to ensure fast and efficient coin acceptance, and change dispense, along with increased coin capacity to ensure change is always available.

Key Features

  • Faster coin accceptance with patented coin sensing technology 
  • Increased reliability with three motor system
  • More tube capacity with 6 tubes providing 12% extra capacity
  • USB connectivity for easy updates and configuration
  • Wireless, on-site, connectivity for easy fault diagnostics and repair.


Monitor sales and performance remotely from your desk

As standard for our fully managed refreshment services we install telemetry devices allowing us live and remote access to our equipment. It is simply the only smart way to run a modern unattended retail business across remote locations. And not only does that enable Livewell to deliver great service, but we also provide our client’s with a login to give them access to this sales and performance data for equipment we operate at their sites.

For client’s purchasing equipment to manage themselves, you too can have this smart technology. Livewell will install and set up the telemetry box inside your equipment as well as the software and training to allow you easy access to live data. You will be able to run reports to reconcile revenue with stock and explore trends and performance over time to allow you to maximise sales.

  • Live sales feed showing sales as they happen
  • Real-time stock status to assist with refill scheduling
  • Alerts for errors and events to minimise downtime
  • Planogram analysis to improve product range and space
  • Custom reports to analyse and quantify sales over defined periods
Livewell branded vending machines

Branding & Surrounds

The vending machines we supply are contemporary and modern looking pieces of equipment. To further embed a vending services into the surroundings at your site, you can add branding to the front and sides of the equipment. In addition to Livewell’s designs you can also choose bespoke design to include the name and branding of your site. Furthermore, we can supply bespoke surrounds to house the vending and even to add further space and features in an area.

  • Bespoke branding and print service
  • Framework built and installed to suit your space
  • Extra features available such as bins, table to, seating etc
  • Range of materials
  • Hassle free design service following site survey

Coffee Stands and Surrounds

Make your coffee machine the centre of attention

If your location does not have space readily available on a table top area then we can supply a base unit for your shiny new coffee machine. This can range from a basic and simple stand the exact size of the machine base, through to full tower units with space for cup dispense, drink preparation and waste disposal.

  • Range of sizes and configurations
  • Livewell, Lavazza or branding of your choice
  • Option for drink preparation space
  • Built in cup and lid dispensers available
  • Lockable base unit for waste and/or ingredients storage.


Providing peace of mind with style

Sterizen Hygiene Station

These slim, stylish, hygienic automatic hand gel dispensing stations are high impact and low maintenance. With premium aesthetics & customisable graphics they are designed to complement any environment. There are two models of touch-free hand sanitising station, the X4 with single dispense area and the X5 with dual dispense at two different heights.

  • Automatic touchless dispense via infra-red sensor
  • Position anywhere as battery operated
  • Fast and easy gel fill-up
  • Premium aesthetics
  • X5 offers dual height for adults, children and wheelchair users

Antimicrobial Film

SafeTouch is an 80 micron self-adhesive antimicrobial clear laminate for use on surfaces where it’s important to minimise the spread of microbes. Incorporating a highly effective antimicrobial agent, zinc pyrithione, the application of this film protection delivers over 99.99% proven protection against the growth of a range of common bacteria, fungi and parasites

  • Easily applied to touch screens and other contact points
  • Highly effective antimicrobial agent
  • Guaranteed antimicrobial performance for 3 years
  • Over 99.99% proven effectiveness
  • Fully resistant to heavy-duty and abrasive cleaning


Help improve the recycling culture at your location

The vast majority of plastic bottles and cans can be recycled. The challenge is to ensure that recyclable drink packaging is actually recycled. So step one at any location is to ensure that recycling bins are available, and Livewell can supply these.

A step up from this os a Reverse Vending Machine (RVM) which offers an ideal way to both provide an incentive for users to recycle and to ensure that the recyclable plastic bottles and cans are collected in one place. This is an ideal solution for Offices, Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, and Leisure sites that have a regular recycling collection from their premises.

  • Uses barcode scanning technology to accept certain products only
  • Easy to use and fast operation
  • Process for the end user is hygienic and clean.
  • An optional printer can dispense coupons as a reward.
  • Bespoke branding of door and side panels is available.
Vending Machine Lease

Lease Finance

Leasing equipment for tax benefits and flexibility

Livewell have partnered with Tower Leasing to offer a range of finance options that make acquiring our equipment simple, affordable and tax efficient. 

By choosing to finance our products, you will be able to enjoy some fantastic benefits:

  • Keep cash flow within the business rather than handing over a lump sum for a depreciating asset
  • Enjoy tax advantages, payments are tax deductible unlike using cash
  • Pay monthly or quarterly payments over a chosen period of time to suit your budget.
  • Keep up with the latest technology by upgrading the equipment at any time throughout the lease period.
  • Protect your credit lines by using leasing as an alternative funding facility.

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