We have food vending machine solutions for organisations seeking unmanned cold and hot food solutions. Eat delicious hot food of equal quality to that of the more expensive, manned alternative. For those businesses that require snacks and hot food for their staff and visitors and want to smartly invest in an automatic 24/7 unmanned and personalized kitchen right within their workplace, then a food vending machine is just the right choice for you.

Recently Installed Food Vending Machine

Hot Food Carousel

Instant Hot Food

For self-fill customers, Livewell offers the hot food carousel which you can pack with hot food options. Just grab what you want, and it’s ready for you to heat up! Trays can be easily configured to hold a wide range of plated main meals as well as hot snacks, maximising the available space and offering customers a wide choice of products. The latest energy saving software reduces energy consumption, effectively reducing your carbon footprint. In energy saving mode, this Hot Food Carousel uses 13% less energy. Vend door heaters can also be switched off when ambient humidity and temperature conditions permit.

If you’re busy at work and are wrapped around a tight schedule that demands night shifts or weekend services, hot food vending machine markets from Livewell Vending can assist you with their provisions while at the same time boosting employee morale and motivation to work. Hot food vending machines give both users and suppliers an upgrade from the regular snack machine holding systems, offering them restaurant quality meals around the clock through this cost-effective vending service.

snack vending machine

Snack Vending Machines

Quick bites

Our snack vending machines have a bright and attractive design to entice hungry people who are on-the-go, or need some refreshments. Vending machines are perfect for resolving those dips in energy and concentration, and that excuse for having a short break is proven to be extremely effective in creating a workforce which is refreshed and invigorated.

The vending machines we source are always high-quality, with the lselfatest up-to-date technology available for fully-managed and self-fill customers.

micro market vending

Micro Markets

The All-In-One Solution

For larger organisations we would even recommend going that one-step further and investing in one of our Micro Markets. As well as harbouring snacks, cold drinks, hot drinks, or whatever else you may desire, these micro markets can act as refrigerators for hot food options with an in-built microwave for you to quickly heat your food up.

Micro Markets are ideal for a closed office environment and can be used to offer a 24/7 refreshment provision to complement your catering services or, in many cases, replace it completely. Consumers use a self-checkout kiosk to purchase their products, and can even make payments via their smartphone.

Consumers can purchase products from open shelves, coolers, or freezers from these unattended Grab-and-Go Micro market retail environments. With a range of sizes to choose from, and customisable shelving options, we can create the perfect environment for your ideal on-site retail experience. Indeed, with organisations creating more flexible working arrangements, this modern automated solution is of its time.

With a wide scope of solutions that you can choose from, instant hot and cold food vending from Livewell is the ideal way to manage your businesses catering needs. Have a go at our solution wizard to see your free tailored proposal, or contact us to talk about your specific needs.

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