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Snack Vending Machines

Snack vending machines for your organisation makes it easier and more convenient for employees, students, residents, and anybody else to grab a snack, satisfying their hunger pangs whilst remaining on site. This means that people such as employees have a more fluid work flow. They feel refreshed and ready to go!

Snack vending machines are just what you need when looking for a snack on-the-go.

We offer an appetising range of quality confectionery and bagged snacks that are ideal for a quick, tasty treat. Only the most reputable brands are supplied, and of course we always provide a range of healthier choices.

Our machines offer convenient, hassle-free access to quality snacks with a sure vend delivery mechanism to ensure reliable delivery, alongside a 9” Touchscreen with product and nutrition information and a basket feature for multi-item purchases. With all our machines, we offer contactless payment options for complete ease of use.

At a Glance…


Convenient, hassle-free access to quality snacks with a bright and attractive design


Basket feature for multi item purchases, with a sure vend delivery mechanism which ensures reliable delivery, with contactless payment options


Popular branded snacks and healthier low-calorie alternatives, and our snack range can be tailored to suit different locations. The 9” touchscreen also displays product and nutrition information

Snack Station Cube

Our snack vending machines have a bright and attractive design to entice hungry people who are on-the-go, or need some refreshments.

Vending machines are perfect for resolving those dips in energy and concentration, and that excuse for having a short break is proven to be extremely effective in creating a workforce which is refreshed and invigorated.

A snack vending machine from Livewell Vending has the capacity to provide a wide range of products from Walkers crisps to Jaffa Cakes. Our selection of snacks can be perfectly tailored to suit different locations.

Popular branded snacks and healthier, vegan, and low-calorie alternatives are available for use in these fantastic snack machines. We want to work alongside each of our customers to perfect the range that is spot on for their particular working environment.

Get in contact with us about your snack vending machine, or go through our solution wizard to find the perfect solution for you.

Have a look at our cold drinks vending machine or coffee machines if you want to quench your thirst. We also offer a combined vending machine option for those that want the benefit of snacks AND drinks.

Remember you can have a look at our fully-managed vending solution for complete peace of mind (available in the locality of Yorkshire and the adjoining area including Leeds, Bradford, York, Kirklees and Calderdale, Tees Valley, Sheffield and Manchester) or handle things your way with the self-fill solution.

Learn more about our snack vending machines below or you can also take a detailed look at the entire range of machines we use, here on our support page, or have a look at our range of snacks in the shop.

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Merchant Media 2 Touch

Key Features and Benefits

  • High gloss, durable finish with LED surround lighting
  • Latest technology with 9” colour touchscreen
  • Basket allowing users to fill up a virtual shopping basket and pay in one simple transaction
  • SureVend system guarantees that no charge is made until the customer receives their selected product
  • Multiple payment systems available for coins, notes and contactless
  • Class leading energy efficiency with an A++ rating

Merchant Media Keypad

The Merchant Media Keypad offers the same vending machine, including shopping basket features, at a lower price and with a keypad selection in place of the touchscreen.

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