Vending Machine Lease

Customer Benefits of Vending Machine Lease

Leasing equipment for tax benefits and flexibility

A vending machine lease is a smart investment solution which simply gives businesses access to the vending equipment that they need without the need to expend large chunks of budget. Rather than paying the full order value to the equipment supplier (as with outright purchase), instead, pre-agreed rental payments are made by businesses to use the equipment for an agreed amount of time.


Vending Machine Lease

What are the Benefits of Using a Vending Machine Lease for Businesses?

Some of the key reasons why so many organisations use vending machine leases as an alternative to cash or a bank facility are:


  •  It keeps cash flow within the business rather than handing over a lump sum for a depreciating asset.
  •  Allows equipment based upon when it is required, not just when budget allows
  •  Provides fantastic tax advantages, payments are tax deductible unlike using cash
  •  Allows you to keep up with the latest technology with the ability to upgrade at any time throughout the lease period.
  • Lease payments are structured o suit customers’ needs and allowances.
  • Existing credit lines are protected by using leasing as an alternative funding facility
  • It spreads the cost of your purchases in line with the return on the investment
  • It spreads the cost of the VAT, which is paid in instalments, rather than as a lump sum up-front (excluding Hire/ Lease Purchase agreements).

Who is the finance provider? 

Many businesses look for specific qualities in finance providers before choosing to work with one in particular. For some it’s competitive rates, for others it’s longevity in the marketplace and for many it’s a personal, outstanding service.

“The approach has been professional throughout and extremely efficient and I have no hesitation in recommending Tower Leasing. We will look forward to a continuing working relationship in the future”.

– Marston Care Ltd 

Tower Leasing our finance provider, has been present in the marketplace since 1989. They have built an abundance of knowledge, experience and a positive reputation. Over the years we have formed very strong partnerships with many companies in need of equipment across the UK and work hard to provide a consistent leasing service.

What is the usual duration of a vending machine lease? 

A vending machine lease generally last somewhere between two to five years.

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