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Automatic Coffee Vending Machines

Our Automatic Coffee Vending Machines can bring the coffee shop vibe to any location. With a varied menu to deliver your coffee of choice, you can enjoy a skinny decaf vanilla Latte or a host of other bespoke choices. All coffees are made with Lavazza’s Italian ingredients to offer a real authentic coffee experience.

Livewell Vending’s high quality coffee vending machines are made in the UK. Delivering a high-street quality taste using either Livewell Medium Roast beans, Lavazza coffee, or other favourite blends, these machines contain a full range of coffee choices including Cappuccino, Americano, Latte, Espresso, Mocha all made with additive free 100% dairy semi-skimmed milk powder, or a vegan alternative.

Help yourself to ‘skinny’ and ‘decaf’ options, plus syrups such as Vanilla or Hazelnut. These machines can even freshly brew PG Tips tea and Galaxy Hot Chocolate. Cup size options go up to 12oz, and sip-through lids are available for a ‘coffee to go’ experience. Livewell also offer a variety of payment options to accept coins, notes and/or contactless payments and various screen choices for menus, notices and videos.

If you are looking for a table-top automatic coffee machine or barista-style traditional coffee machine for your organisation, you can learn more here.

Contact Us to talk about what we can do for you, or go through our Solution Wizard to check out your personal proposal.

At a Glance…


Latest technology brewing systems, with quick and easy cleaning and maintenance


Consistently high quality coffee time after time, or delicate infusions of fresh leaf tea, producing the perfect brew


Smoked glass and curved edges adds style to any location


Enjoy a range of syrups to sweeten up your coffee


Relax with skinny and decaf options that fulfil your lifestyle needs


Not in the coffee mood? Try milkshake, tea, or hot chocolate!

Auto coffee vending machines with list of option available

As with all of our equipment, you have the option to lease or buy your vending equipment from us, and our fully-managed vending and self-fill vending solutions offer you the freedom to take on the management of your vending yourself or let us do all the work for you. Re fully-managed service is available in the county of Yorkshire and the immediate area including Leeds, York, Bradford, Kirklees and Calderdale, Tees Valley, Manchester, Sheffield, and Nottingham. We also use a state-of-the-art telemetry system to monitor and manage your vending machines. This provides us and yourself with a live feed of what is selling and when, allowing us to optimise how your machine is managed, tell you which products sell well (and which do not), allowing you to customise your machine as you please.

Whether you are looking for coffee vending services for the office, a larger manufacturing premises, a hospital, or a gym, our Lavazza coffee vending machines are suitable for a wide array of businesses and customer bases that will work for your budget.

Automatic or Traditional Coffee Machines

Get in contact with us about your automatic coffee vending machine, or go through our solution wizard to find the perfect solution for you.

We also offer a fantastic range of table-top automatic coffee machines as well as barista-style traditional coffee machines. For more information you can learn more here.

Have a look below for more details on our hot drink vending machines, or you can also take a detailed look at the entire range of machines we use, here on our support page.

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Sigma Coffee Machines

Extensive coffee shop menu with 19-inch touch screen and delicious milkshakes

  • √  Bean to Cup Coffee
  • √  Leaf Tea
  • √  Milkshakes
  • √  Syrups Shots
  • √  Touch Screen Selection
  • √  Advertising: Video
  • √  Advertising: Images
  • ❌ Hover Select – no touch vending
  • √  Perfect for: Retail Stores, Universities, Airports and Train Stations

Sigma Cafe

Barista style drinks with 20-inch media screen and touch sensitive button menu

  • √  Bean to Cup Coffee
  • √  Leaf Tea
  • √  Milkshakes
  • √  Syrups Shots
  • ❌ Touch Screen Selection
  • √  Advertising: Video
  • √  Advertising: Images
  • √  Hover Select – no touch vending
  • √  Perfect for: Schools, Supermarkets, Leisure Centres

Sigma Simplicity

High-Quality drinks with a 12-inch menu/advertising screen and easy-to-use selection keypad

  • √  Bean to Cup Coffee
  • √  Leaf Tea
  • ❌  Milkshakes
  • ❌  Syrups Shots
  • ❌  Touch Screen Selection
  • ❌  Advertising: Video
  • √  Advertising: Images
  • ❌  Hover Select – no touch vending
  • √  Perfect for: Factories, Workshops, Canteens and Large Offices


Why Should I Buy a Coffee Vending Machine

We sell more than glorified kettles. There is a range of benefits to your business and your staff. First of all, the coffee tastes great but taking the time to have a break and a cup of coffee can boost productivity and staff engagement, especially if your workplace is particularly busy. They are a good way of adhering to any compliance with Health & Safety requirements, and they can generate additional revenue.

How Do I Know Which Machine is Right For Me?

Get in touch! When you contact us, you will reach one of our dedicated Team Members who will walk you through which machine/s would be most appropriate for your organisation, and find the best coffee machine to meet your needs.

Is My Coffee Machine Hygienic?

Livewell Vending can provide you with a range of contactless options for your vending needs, from contactless payment to anti-microbial film and distance selection touchscreens we can implement a completely hands-free and hygienic coffee experience

How Can My Staff Pay For My Coffee?

For starters, your staff can pay with cash, card, and contactless payment depending on which accessories or service you choose. In some instances, we can offer a token, app or fob-based system. Speak to our account manager to see which option would best suit your needs.

Can I Rent or Lease a Coffee Vending Machine?

Yes. Take it easy, and let Livewell Vending provide you with a lease for your vending machine. For more leasing information, you can get in touch or go to our Vending Machine Lease page.

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