Gaggia coffee machines for the perfect cappuccino and espresso

With an established Italian heritage, the Gaggia range of traditional coffee machines combine state-of-the-art technology, sophisticated design and professional details, to offer the unique pleasure of the perfect Italian espresso. 

These beautiful and timeless traditional coffee machines are a delight to use by any barista and are available in a range of models suitable for offices, coffee shops, hotels, restaurants and bars.

Features and Benefits


Historic and market leading coffee equipment brand.


State-of-the-art technology to deliver the perfect espresso.


Diverse range of models to provide the perfect solution for all locations.


Customize options with electronic control of coffee flow and density.


Robust design and build quality for optimal reliability.

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Ruby, Ruby Pro, Ruby Pro 2

  • Ruby

  • Ruby Pro

  • Ruby Pro 2

When good coffee is one of your essential pleasures… Let Ruby handle it!

Compact and essential, the latest addition from the iconic brand Gaggia Milano is the professional coffee machine Ruby, which guarantees excellent in-cup quality and, at the same time, responds to the widest variety of customer requirements. Designed for use in medium and small-sized locations, Ruby has three main versions, one of them will be perfect for you.

  • Compact unit offering high performance coffee in limited spaces.
  • Built in internal water tank
  • 3 programmable direct selection buttons
  • Electronic control of boiler water level
  • Separate water and steam wands


La Decisa

An intertwining of tradition and innovation is the key to La Decisa’s success. Available in both 2 and 3-group versions, as well as in the tall-cup solution, La Decisa is the perfect response to what all baristas require from a medium-range coffee machine, including a touch screen interface and an energy saving mode.

  • 5 programmable direct selection buttons for each group
  • 2 steam wands plus hot water wand
  • LED-illuminated working area
  • Optional Electrical cup warmer
  • Also available in a Tall-cup version


La Precisa

Available in 2 or 3 groups, La Precisa has captured the attention of even the most demanding of baristas. Precisa means `meticulous’: that’s why attention to detail and technological innovation are the hallmarks of this machine. Thanks to the OLED display and the capacitive keypads, with La Precisa one touch is all you need to create your desired drink. And it’s not just a coffee story:  La Precisa can also dispense hot water for tea and other infusions. 

  • Stunning design with LED-illumination and OLED display
  • 5 programmable direct selection buttons for each group
  • Volumetric dose programming
  • Counter for coffee and hot water delivered
  • Available in Standard and Tall Cup versions


La Giusta

The best possible ergonomics is the secret of its design, which includes an inclined user interface for improved visibility of the various selections on offer. Its strengths include a LED-equipped working area with two steam wands, both of which are fitted with the state-of-the-art cool touch technology. The distinctive features also include an elegant front keypad, integrated with a glass console, and a rear panel that recalls the iconic style of the brand through the subtle, backlit logo.

Key Features

  • Colour touchscreen with customisable display screensaver
  • 5 programmable direct selection buttons for each group
  • Programmable “Purge” button to clean the coffee group
  • 2 Cool touch steam wands
  • Authentic Italian design with iconic backlit Gaggia logo


Grinders and Accessories

Grinding plays a crucial part in creating the perfect espresso: it must be extremely uniform and must respect the qualities of the coffee blend. If you’re truly serious about the coffee you serve, then a Gaggia Milano grinder has to be top of your wish list.

Barista Kit

You can also accessorise your Gaggia traditional coffee machine with our kit of essential barista tools. Available in either Standard or Premium versions they contain everything needed by a barista, with the premium version including Gaggia branding. Contents

  • Knock out drawer – Stainless Steel or Matt Black finish
  • Tamping mat with overhang
  • Coffee tamper
  • 0.6L Foaming jug
  • Barista cloth set
  • Dual dial thermometer
  • 2x Lined shot glasses

Maintenance plans

Your Gaggia coffee machine will be in high demand, and you will likely want technical back-up. With our maintenance plan you with have the support needed from a trained engineer to repair and replace parts if and when necessary.

Ingredients Supply

We have a range of regular and decaf coffee beans that can be configured to produce the perfect coffee for your Gaggia machine. You can purchase quickly and easily from our online store at trade prices

Traditional Coffee Machine FAQ’s

Is It Worth Getting a Traditional Coffee Machine?

Definitely! Quality parts with quality beans result in quality coffee. These machines will last longer than a cheaper alternative, and per cup, it’s much cheaper than your local coffee shop. 

What is a Traditional Coffee Machine?

A traditional coffee machine could be defined as an espresso machine that a barista would use to extract coffee from the coffee grounds. These are the machines you see in your local coffee shop.

How Does a Traditional Coffee Machine Work?

The coffee is prepared in a coffee grinder, and tamped into a portafilter which water flows through for the coffee to pass out on the other side! Don’t worry though. You don’t have to be much of a barista to use our machines.

How Do I Know This Is The Right Machine For Me?

Get in touch! When you contact us, you will reach one of our dedicated Team Members who will walk you through which machine/s would be most appropriate for your organisation, and find the best coffee machine to meet your needs.

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