The Power of the Contactless Vending Machine

The UK’s enthusiastic adoption of chip-and-pin and contactless payments in the past few years has made it a key battleground for mobile payment vendors. 83% of people in the UK now use contactless payments, with Android & Apple pay services meaning that now more than ever contactless payment options have never been easier to use.

At Livewell Vending, we have a keen interest in how advancing technology can change our own industry. We continue to focus on bringing the world of vending up to speed with the innovative pace of retail. Something we call Vetail®. We aim to be at the forefront of technological advancement. We adapt our machines so they are more effective, and easier to use with every peak towards the technological frontier.

Cashless payment and touch screen technology combined with a wide choice of products make vending a convenient and attractive option for consumers.  We think we are now entering a new era for vending where contactless payment and highly-interactive machines will help increase the customer base and expand sales value by enabling product manufacturers to develop creative ways to promote their offerings and attract more vending customers.

With more and more UK consumers discovering that mobile contactless payment is simple, convenient and that they can get access to money saving deals via their phones, then paying by card could begin to look as old-fashioned as writing a cheque.

Similarly, our vending equipment represents the next generation of vending solutions. We aim high, provide more than the next best Vetailer. A vending machine stocked with high quality products, that takes contactless payment, whilst offering the same money saving deals as other retail outlets will ensure that unlike cheques, the vending sector is not left behind.

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