Modern Office Space with refreshments and great coffee!

Flutter Entertainment which owns brands such Paddy Power, Betfair and Sky Betting & Gaming opened their new Wellington Place office in Leeds in August 2021, The office comprises five floors of unique open plan desk space, with a recreational space on the top floor boasting an outdoor balcony and a gaming station. Into this recreational space Flutter added refreshment vending facilities as well as a premium self-serve automated coffee machines.

The Objectives

Flutter wanted to cultivate an office culture, and create a workspace, where people feel comfortable, entertained, content, and post pandemic, willing to return to the office whether on a full-time or hybrid basis. Part of this goal was providing the workforce with refreshments to enhance their experience when spending time in the office.


In the breakout areas of each floor, Livewell installed a Gaggia La Radiosa bean to cup fresh milk coffee machine. This high quality, high-capacity machine serves a full menu of coffee shop style coffees and hot chocolate drinks, including cold frappé options. With a stylish LED lit appearance, and a colourful touch screen menu, the machines are easy to use. With dual grinders, the machine even has a decaf bean option, welcomed, and preferred by some staff.

Here is the staff experience of using the La Radiosa;

THE SOLUTION – Refreshment Vending

  • A range of self-serve vending machines were installed to provide snacks and cold drinks, available to staff 24/7.
  • The automated vending machines are stocked with a range of popular branded products, including a variety of healthier options. The Hydration and Snack Stations sit neatly in alcoves and provide quick and easy acres to refreshments with a contactless payment system, to suit the accelerated post-covid switch away from cash. The Hydration Station contains a variety of chilled drink options to satisfy anybody’s thirst, and all the bottles are made from recycled plastic and are fully recyclable. The Snack Stations provide a multitude of snack options to satisfy that midday craving.
  • Embedded within the office space, and with attractive branding, this modern vending provision is convenient, looks great, and is stylistically perfect for Flutter’s sleek office space.


Within these breakout spaces, Livewell Vending have provided a range of food and drink options to enrichen the work environment and refresh and sustain the lively, energetic workforce that populate the office. As well as keeping staff refreshed, the coffee and vending encourage face-to-face, social interactions that are beneficial to the wellbeing of individuals.  As a business, Flutter see it supplement the premium office space, with top-tier refreshment services that optimise performance and boost morale.

The Benefits

  • 24/7 refreshment provision for staff
  • Popular range of branded cold drinks and snacks
  • Barista quality coffee and hot chocolate drinks
  • Self-serve provision
  • Simple selection with touch screen interface.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Encourages office working and social interaction.

Jon Henty, Senior Workspace Coordinator.


“The coffee machines have proven to be very reliable, and the cleaning team have said they are also easy to clean and maintain. This quality of hot drinks provision is comparable to a coffee shop and this is well received by staff who see it as a benefit to working in the office, and the machines are used a lot. Coffee rounds create a good social interaction, and drinks are also taken into meetings, and it’s a vital part of staff routines, especially in the morning.”

Aaron Prout, Managing Director


“At Livewell, we carefully source the top end machines, and augment them with the latest technologies that enable us to work smarter and more efficiently. Satisfaction is our priority, so we always try to provide the highest quality and widest range of products possible, giving people popular brands to choose from, and healthier options to keep people happy. We even created our own Livewell Medium Roast Coffee so we know we can provide the best hot drinks possible.”

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