A safe catering
solution for schools

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been helping schools in the region implement COVID-19 safety measures by providing a simple solution for safe on-site catering and refreshments. Our VendSafe stations, installed in multiple locations around a school campus, give pupils and staff, low-contact access to food and drink during the school day.

With staff needing to change arrangements, to adhere to the latest government guidance for the re-opening of schools, we’ve been working with them to make the safe provision of refreshments as easy as possible.

And catering is one of the biggest challenges. To limit transmission risks, schools now need to control the movement of pupils in separate ‘bubbles’, reduce lunch and break time congestion, and encourage students to stay on-site during school hours. And they’re finding that our automated vending stations can help with this.

With drinks and snacks stored in a temperature-controlled, hygienic unit behind a glass screen, the ‘self-serve’ process results in a low contact solution. Product selection is made via a wipe-clean touchscreen, which has an antimicrobial coating. Integration with the school’s cashless payment system removes the need to handle coins, and the quick dispensing mechanism results in a quick turnaround and fewer queues.

Furthermore, a hand sanitiser is attached to the front of each station, encouraging good hand hygiene. Our VendSafe stations need just a standard plug socket to operate, so can be located at numerous locations around the school site to allow access to different ‘bubbles’.

Aaron Prout, Director at Livewell Vending, says:

“Like many businesses impacted by COVID-19, Livewell has had to rethink many aspects of its operation. As a long-term supplier to many local schools, we have worked quickly to ensure that the VendSafe provision meets their current needs and helps to refresh their pupils and staff safely.”

Mark Newstead, Assistant Principal of Garforth Academy, says:

“Livewell are helping us meet the challenge of implementing COVID-19 safety measures. We want our staff and pupils to feel safe in school and, as a part of the catering service, Livewell’s vending stations provide a low-contact, self-serve solution to safely access refreshments.”

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