How We’re Helping NHS Staff Make Healthier Choices

Employee wellbeing is high on business agendas and more than ever employers are taking the initiative to look after their staff. This is especially true for the NHS right now, where Public Health England estimated the cost of sickness absence to the healthcare provider in 2015 was £2.4bn.

Further to this, an NHS staff survey showed that improving staff health and wellbeing would lead to higher staff engagement, better staff retention, and higher quality clinical outcomes for patients.

The 2017-19 CQUIN on ‘NHS staff health and wellbeing’ is one of thirteen mandatory CQUINs and sees the introduction of a number of health and wellbeing initiatives designed to make it easier for NHS staff to make healthier choices.

One of these initiatives, “healthy food for NHS staff, visitors, and patients”, requires NHS staff workplaces to make some major changes to the food offered on their premises and how it’s presented to employees.

Price promotions and advertisements for sugary drinks and foods that are high in fat, sugar, and salt are banned, along with the inclusion of these drinks and food at checkouts.

Workplaces also need to ensure that healthy options are available at any point, including for staff who work night shifts.

It’s because of these changes that recently we were contacted by Preston Teaching Hospital to install four of our vending machines in their workplace. Our aim was to help the teaching hospital’s staff make healthier choices with two of our hydration stations and two snack stations packed with choice, including Baked Crisps, Proper Corn (the latter of which is great for giving your brain a boost on the go!) and cereal bars.

Are you responsible for employee wellbeing in the NHS or another workplace? Get in touch to find out how we can help keep your staff healthier & happier.

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