Safe Spaces

In the last couple of months, “safe” has become one of the most used words. “Stay safe” is the new goodbye. We’ve all learnt two metres is a “safe distance”. Implementing “safety measures” is now part of every business strategy.

And rightly so. None of us have had to deal with a global pandemic before – and it’s vital that we change not only our vocabulary but our actions to keep ourselves and others safe and well.

With companies now starting to plan for the return of employees, clients or customers, some of these changes are going to need to be big.

Livewell’s vending solutions can help.

Safe catering

Many organisations are limiting their in-house catering services – either to minimise infection risk or due to reduced staff numbers on site. But our vending stations provide a safe and simple alternative.

Livewell’s range gives you an easy way to offer your staff a well-balanced choice of snack and drink products, guaranteed to suit varying tastes and dietary requirements. Take a look at our station options.

And crucially, as self-service automated units, they eliminate any person-to-person contact.

Payment is contactless via debit/credit card or smartphone.

Antibacterial gel dispenser units have been added to the front of all vending stations to provide an easy way to sterilise hands before and after a purchase.

Floor signage can be supplied for all installations to remind consumers to keep to a safe distance while queuing.

It’s never been easier to provide safe catering with Livewell.

Safe stations

PPE vending solutions

As schools, gyms and other community hubs start to reopen, Livewell’s vending stations give you a way to offer everyone safe no-contact access to the snacks or drinks they need. Especially important when the usual café options may not be available for some time yet.

Livewell stations can also go one step further in helping you address workplace safety needs.

We can now provide PPE vending solutions with the ability to store and dispense equipment such as masks, sanitiser and gloves within our units. You can set up a dedicated PPE station or offer PPE as selections within an existing station.

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements. We’d love to hear from you.

And above all, stay safe!

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