We are now proud members of The Vending & Automated Retail Association.

The Vending & Automated Retail Association (AVA) is a non-profit organisation based in Leeds that represents the automated 24-hour food and beverage industry in the UK. The goal of the AVA is to champion industry-wide quality, innovation and consumer satisfaction. The AVA has acted as the voice of the industry for over 90 years, meeting the needs of a modern 24/7 society.

What is The Vending & Automated Retail Association (AVA)?

The AVA was a founding member of the European Vending Association and maintain close links with vending and automated retail associations in France, Germany and Italy. Together, these associations represent 80% of the European market. Through AVA we receive support to make high-quality, innovative food and beverage services even more accessible, and they can provide collaboration opportunities and provide assistance in developing best practices.

Mark of Trust

The AVA logo is a mark of quality and assurance for all of our clients, as they are dedicated to providing guidance, training, and regular audits in order to ensure that we maintain a high service fit for clients and customers. AVA Members sign up to maintain their Client Services to a strict Customer Charter and agree to comply with the AVA Code of Conduct. Both Members and their Clients can make use of support services with the AVA ensuring that problems or queries can be quickly resolved.

The Quality System

As the AVA is fully dedicated to quality, all full members of the AVA must hold the AVA Quality System accreditation. The Quality System measures an organisation’s ability to uphold and control high standards that conform to both AVA’s standards, as well as the customers.

AVA work hard to satisfy CQUIN, NHS, Healthy Living (Scotland) and Government Buying Standards requirements, and work closely with clients to meet the requirements of all dietary and healthy eating needs you need. As well as looking after you, the AVA use their voice to affect positive change alongside the Government and other NGO’s in processes, plans and procedures, keeping them up to date with new technological requirements, and the law.

Livewell are proud to receive this Quality Accreditation as a demonstration of commitment to our clients. We are ready to enjoy the benefits of the business and technical support services they provide, as well as all the training, knowledge, and networking that comes with it. Ultimately we are working with the AVA to make our services even better, and for our clients and their customers to reap these benefits. Now that we are a part of the industry voice, anything is possible.

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