Livewell Vending is delighted to announce that we won both the “Best Regional Operator’ and ‘Best Website’ categories for the Vendies Awards 2023 at the Connaught Rooms, London on 7th June 2023.  Here are some of the key areas of our submissions which determined why we came out on top.

Best Website Submission

Every cloud has a silver lining as they say and although the pandemic hit Livewell Vending hard, it did provide a break from ‘business as usual’ to review many aspects of Livewell’s operation, including our website. So, in late 2020, a detailed brief for the design and build of a new website was put together that would have a completely overhauled appearance, user experience and functionality. The key objectives were to;

  • Grow website visitor numbers
  • Provide an online tool to enable visitors to identify the most suitable vending and coffee equipment for their site
  • Increase new business enquiries
  • Provide useful online resources and communication routes for existing clients
  • Launch an online store for the trade and public sales of refreshment items as well as coffee ingredients and consumables


There are a number of key features that have made our new website perform extremely well for us. We have increased considerably the visibility of our service provision online and have also provided fast and efficient online services both to existing and prospective clients.

Client-Friendly Menu, Language and Navigation

We gave a lot of thought to the ‘customer journey’ when visiting the site. Whilst in the vending and coffee industry we know lots about equipment types and terminology, it is important to recognise that many of the clients buying our services will not have the same knowledge. Therefore, we have designed a menu system that allows clients to navigate the site easily.

Solution Wizard

With so much talk about AI and automation, we were keen to create an online tool on the website enabling visitors to identify the most suitable vending and coffee equipment for their site. From this objective was born our Solution Wizard,

Clients are required to answer a few questions and then our ‘algorithm’ immediately identified the right product(s) for them and provides a proposal on screen, which you can print and save, as well as details by email. This has led to many new leads and business opportunities.

Client support area

We wanted to provide an area with resources for clients, and as such created a dedicated support area, In this area, clients can download manuals, watch ‘how-to’ videos, and also submit fault log requests.

Online store

We wanted to have an online store for buying refreshments and we have been delighted with the appearance, functionality and performance of our store,


To drive visibility of our website, and visitor numbers, we work continually on Website SEO optimisation as well as regularly adding new relevant content. As such we have seen the following results;

  • a top 10 organic ranking for seven key search terms, and top 3 for three, including a number 1 spot for ‘Vending Machine Supplier’ searches.
  • a 146% increase in website visitor numbers year on year.
  • a 205% increase in the number of contact forms, wizard completions and downloads.
e-booklet website banner

Best Regional Operator Submission

Launched in 2006, Livewell started out with a focus on the school sector providing healthier vending to fill a gap left by the existing operators who removed their machines following the implementation of food and drink standards. Over time Livewell has expanded the region and number of sectors it serves, and the range of products and services it provides. These now include automated and traditional coffee equipment, water coolers, micro markets and a growing range of accessories. Now in its 17th year, Livewell is a well-established business yet still young, dynamic, innovative, hungry and eager to please. With no infrastructure legacy to hold us back, our retail thinking (or Vetail®) combined with a love for all things technology allows us to deliver exciting, automated solutions.

Set out below is what we believe makes us an innovative and successful regional operator.

New Technology

We have been an early adopter of Telemetry technology and we now have remote access to all of our operated vending machines. However, getting the data is one thing, but actually utilising the data to improve service and performance is another. We have done this and the results have been transformational in so many ways;

  • Route efficiency is so much better as we only visit machines at the point that they need restocking (no ‘topping up’).
  • Operator efficiency is better as they have stock already ‘pre-kitted’ on their van so have no need to visit machines to count stock on arrival.
  • Wastage is reduced as vans come back empty each day as the stock taken out each day is driven by the precise requirements transmitted over the cloud.
  • Fuel efficiency (and green miles) is better as routes are optimised, unnecessary visits eliminated, and stock carried is reduced as no ‘spare’ stock is needed (we have reduced the size of our vans as a direct result and these are more fuel efficient)
  • Customer service is improved as we are alerted to machine faults and so do not have to rely on customers to inform us.
  • Higher sales and reduces out of stocks as the data makes it easier for us to refine planograms to suit the sales profile at individual machines.
  • Data transparency is available as clients can have their own log-in to independently view sales and reports for the machines at their sites, improving trust.
  • AND, hot off the press, we have now started two way communication with machines. So, as well as receiving data, we can now transmit data and instructions. On vending machines that have digital pricing (such as the Necta Orchestra) we can change prices and displays remotely. We can also see failed vends and send a credit to the machine for a customer to use immediately!

Aside from Telemetry we have also been pro-actively investing in touchscreen based menus and contactless payments (92% of our operated revenue is contactless). For a broader overview of our Smart Technology in action, see

Staff Benefits, Including Learning And Development

We treat our employees well and this is evidenced by an extremely low staff turnover and some very longstanding members of the team. One key aspect, not always a given, is that operationally the organisation is very well run. As such, the merchandisers trust that their time will be well used, that when on site they will meet satisfied clients, and that their employment is secure as the business performs well. This allows us to be generous with pay and leave, quality uniform and two fully funded social days per year. The whole team clearly defined written KPI’s with quarterly reviews. They have regular training covering health and safety as well as vending equipment. Some have also gained forklift licences and we are training up one operator who aspires to be a technician.

Great Customer Service

The quality of equipment we supply, the great branding, the excellent response rate, and telemetry system we use all ensure we deliver great service to our clients. Scroll down our home page for latest testimonials,

Product Range Development

We work closely with suppliers to seek out new products, including ones to meet emerging consumer needs. With a longstanding heritage in providing healthier vending to schools, we are have a very good range of healthier products for schools and beyond. For examples see our online store,, and for info generally visit our dedicated  healthy vending website page ,


At the core of our sustainability position is the efficiency of our logistics operation. As set out in the technology section, we only travel to sites when needed, and we only take the stock needed. No driving around with loads of stock topping up machines. Also key is our product sourcing where we will prioritise local where possible and also, with PET bottles, source those that are made from recycled plastic. These can be recycled again making them very sustainable. Also, all plastic and cardboard waste at our premises is recycled. For more on our environmental actions, see


We have had many! The pandemic was a huge challenge. In March 2020, 95% of our vending locations were closed. One problem (amongst many) was product wastage. Fortunately, we were able to use Telemetry to identify and quantify machine stock and gather this back to the depot. We then launched ‘Livewell Direct’ selling direct to consumers via a quickly launched Shopify site, as well as getting Amazon Prime status (not easy). We also donated some stock to charities. More generally we are often faced with technology challenges and, as our suppliers know, we are resourceful and determined, to make new tech work, despite the frustrations at times!

Preventative Maintenance

With a continuous investment in new equipment, and always taking extended warranties, we have well-maintained machines that perform well. We keep weekly stats on machine operational status, enabled by our telemetry system. Also, with an August year-end, and a quieter trading period, we do a full audit and deep clean of vending and coffee machines annually.

Website And Communication

We believe our website is one of the best amongst regional operators. This is in terms of organic search performance, ease of navigation for visitors, quality and regularity of new content and support section for clients with instructions, videos and an inline fault reporting log. We joined the AVA last year and believe that the communication we put out online on our website, press and social media is high quality, making a positive contribution to our industry.

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