2022 So Far…

Livewell has been really busy in 2022 so far. As always, our goal is to refuel lifestyles, maximise productivity, whilst offering a great experience for our clients and their customers. We want to ensure that we deliver fantastic vending solutions bespoke to each of our client’s needs. 

Sixth Form Vending Machine Installation

Improving Student Lifestyles

More than anything we wanted to showcase some of the vending installations we have implemented so far in this year. This fantastic hydration station in a sixth form in a Bradford looks great, fits nicely in the available space, and offers students the chance to pick up a quick drink on the way to their next class, or to wind down during their free periods.

All the machines

Fully Managed Sixth Form

This sixth form decided that they wanted a full set of vending machines installed. From left to right, there is a snack vending machine, drinks vending machine, and automatic coffee vending machine, all featuring contactless payment options and our sleek branding look. We were more than happy to implement this high level of comfort culture for these students and teachers.

drink and snack vending machine

The Glasshouse: Refuel and Go

Meanwhile, situated in the heart of Nottingham city centre, The Glasshouse is only a short walk to Nottingham Trent University and a short bus journey to The University of Nottingham. We managed to tuck in a couple of vending machines in the corner of their laundry room. This snack machine is kitted out with a touchscreen feature including an antibacterial microfilm to increase cleanliness, and our drinks machine has an arm that reaches and grabs your drink for you, instead of dropping it and getting rid of all that fizz.

Vending Machines have been installed

Apartment Refreshments 24/7

A great achievement for Livewell is our recent implementation of these coffee, snack, and drink vending machines within the Saffron Court Apartment building. These high-quality apartments need high quality machines, and these machines placed in the reception area are situated in the perfect position to grab snacks, drinks, or a cup of coffee on the go, or as you get back home.

If you like what you see here and want to implement a vending solution within your organisation feel free to contact us, or have a look below at some more pics!

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