Livewell Small Space Coffee Shops – for Coffee at any Time of the Day

A large cup of coffee in the morning to help you wake up and give yourself a caffeine boost is all a myth!…. according to recent research from the USA.

Luckily, with a Small Space Coffee Shop from Livewell you can choose to follow or ignore their recommendation that the optimal time to drink coffee is between 9.30am and 11.30am, and between 1.30pm and 5pm!

Installing one of our wide range of table top coffee machines or floor standing hot drinks vending machines in your workplace means employees and visitors can grab a tasty coffee-shop quality cappuccino, latte or hot chocolate at any time of the day.

cup of coffee

The full height unit ‘Tower Solution’ lets consumers place their cup, use a touch screen button to select their preferred drink, then add sugars to taste. Alternatively, the very popular ‘Medium Sized Unit’ is a more compact stand-alone unit featuring a fully interactive display screen. If space is at a premium, ‘The Small Table Top’ could be the ideal solution, delivering high-quality coffee shop style drinks without sacrificing on space.

As well as offering a range of coffee choices, our ‘Small Space Coffee Shop’ can accommodate a selection of teas, decaffeinated drinks and hot chocolate.  And given that we also offer a choice of vanilla and hazelnut syrups, there’s no compromising on your coffee experience.

In addition to coin or note acceptors, the Small Space Coffee Shop can be fitted with a cashless unit allowing payment by debit or credit card. We can also integrate the floor standing machines with on-site cashless catering systems

We can offer a fully managed service with generous profit shares so customers can earn money from our ‘Stations’; offering another revenue stream for their business.  Alternatively you can buy or lease the Small Space Coffee Shop and we can help out with wholesale supplies and maintenance.

Talk to us today about having a Small Space Coffee Shop in your workplace.  Contact Jo Watson, Sales and Marketing Co-ordinator on  or  01423 876352.


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