Livewell Small Space Coffee Shop – a symbol of generosity?

In Western society we are quickly adopting a “coffee culture.”  Many of us now drink fresh coffee on a regular basis and are demanding higher quality in terms of taste.

For some cultures, coffee is more than just a drink. Serving coffee is an important aspect of hospitality in Arab societies and considered a ceremonial act of generosity So much so that the tradition of making Arabic coffee is among 20 practices newly recognised by Unesco, the UN’s cultural agency, and added to its most recent Intangible Cultural Heritage list.

Coffee preparation begins with selecting and roasting the beans, then grinding them with a copper pestle and mortar. The coffee grounds are placed into a large copper coffee pot; water is added and the pot is placed on the fire to brew. It is then poured into a smaller coffee pot and served in small cups.

With our Small Space Coffee Shop table top solutions the fresh beans are ground within the machine, water is added and the coffee left to brew in the brew chamber before being dispensed straight to your cup – big or small – you choose.

The top quality bean to cup machines offer a range of drinks including latte, cappuccinos and espressos – a great option for meeting rooms and offices.

From plumbed in to tank-fill, and entry level models offering small drink sizes to those with pre-selection for “big” drinks we have something to fit every budget and every location.

We offer great value and the option to purchase or lease machines.  We offer optional maintenance agreements and can supply you with ingredients too.

There really is no easier way to get great tasting coffee in your organisation.

And by the way –  in Arabic culture the most important or oldest guest is served first! Who’s for a cappuccino?

For more information on our wide range of Small Space Coffee Shops call Jo Watson, Sales & Marketing Co-ordinator , 01423 876352 or email



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