A Fresh Milk Coffee Machine from Gaggia Milano

Gaggia Milano has a famed coffee heritage, taking the tradition of the Italian espresso to the world. Combining state-of-the-art technology with sophisticated design, their equipment is renowned by coffee professionals across the world.

Their latest offering, the Fresh Milk La Radiosa coffee machine, provides a class-leading automated solution to deliver barista-quality coffee at consistently high standards. With its stunning 10” HD touchscreen display and ground-breaking EvoMilk fresh milk system, it delivers coffee perfection at the touch of a button.

The first thing you’ll notice about this great new machine is its eye-catching design and adjustable LED lighting. The 10” touchscreen user interface makes for a quick and intuitive drink selection. The display screen can also be used to display notices and videos in between use.

The Gaggia Evomilk technology enables the variety of doses, temperatures and densities of fresh milk to give the perfect coffee, tailored to offer the full coffee shop range of drinks from Flat White to Latte Macchiato and Mocca. The Evomilk system also dispenses both hot and cold perfectly foamed milk, allowing consumers to enjoy cold Frappe drinks.

The dual bean hopper and grinder system allows the option of two different beans, often utilised to offer a decaf selection.

At the end of the day, there’s no need to worry about cleaning the machine, thanks to a plug-and-play automatic cleaning cycle, making the machine easy to maintain.



10″ full HD touchscreen


Up to 12 selections per single page across multiple pages and drinks categories


Adjustable RGB LEDs to tailor appearance


Self-service or barista configurable user interface, with optional contactless payment module


Customisable screen interface to feature client logo, notices, videos etc.


2 beans + 1 soluble layout (to offer chocolate drinks)


Hot and cold foamed milk


Energy saving set up with ‘A’ rated efficiency


4.5-litre capacity glass front fridge and optional cup warmer


Easy cleaning cycle


Width 368 mm + 282mm for fridge
Depth 586 mm
Height 789 mm
Weight 47 Kg
Voltage 230-240 V
Maximum absorbed power 3200 W
Coffee brewer capacity 7-16 gr
Beans hopper capacity 1.2 Kg (x 2)
Soluble canister capacity 1.8 Kg chocolate
Suggested output 250 cups per day

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